Posted by: W.Gardner | March 5, 2009

While a surfing…



While I was surfing the world wide web for farms in michigan to visit this year, I came across a website that listed a boat load of links and information about functioning farms all over the state.

This saves me some time googling for hours and getting no where. Hopefully this will help who ever may be searching for similar info. Enjoy

Posted by: W.Gardner | March 4, 2009

Chickens in the city?

The law states its shall be unlawful for a person to own, harbor, keep or maintain, sell or transfer any farm animal. They don’t say anything about having them as pets.

I attended a class this week at CATHERINE FERGUSON ACADEMY up here in Detroit Michigan. We learned a bit about chickens, coops and various ways of techniques to use for housing them. This year shall be an interesting journey, I plan to grow so much as a person and in the garden. While I go and measure the coop area, I can all ready imagine the little birds running around the yard and my son running after them with excitement.

Posted by: W.Gardner | February 26, 2009

It’s all most that time…



With the freezing weather and frost dwindling down, some have all ready started sowing seeds for this years grow. I, my self have been collecting seeds since the end of the growing season last year and preparing like I will grow what ever I come across. Not really, but I just can’t walk pass a seed rack now days and not purchase any seeds. I think I caught the gardener fever, which is o.k with me.

Any how, my theme/method for this grow season is companion planting. Very interesting method for fighting pest. If your not familiar with this technique just google it!. I find my self being drawn immediately to any natural way of dealing with nature and its elements, especially when it comes to gardening. So start picking out your favorite vegetables seeds now. Be for you know it the spring will be amongst us.